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Deadpan Darling - Cartoon Hand (Music Video)

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Freecember week 2: Anthony Maintain Releases Ghost Pipes
Freecember Week 1: Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice
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Dark Time Sunshine Release 7 Knots/Ayemen Trailer (Dir. Tim Slew)

Factor, Ceschi, Evil Ebenezer Lyric Video for Gold Chains

Factor releases Gold Chains (The Flood) remix with Ceschi, Evil Ebenezer

Factor Chandelier releases instrumental album Eastlake on Fake Four Inc.
Factor pays tribute to Sixo in Ridin Around (Sixo) video

Siul Hughes performs live on Sans Serif Sessions!

Hip Hop DX shares Siul Hughes's INANET video!
Siul Hughes shares stunning 'INANET' video
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Moodie Black's Jesus Bound premiered by Dead End Hip Hop!

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Ceschi's second album in his final trilogy, Sans Soleil, is out now!
Sans Soleil will be released August 4th
Punk with a Camera and Ceschi Release "Daybreak" Music Video

Pop Matters premieres "The Gospel" by Ceschi

Hip Hop DX premiere of Ceschi's "Say No More" music video

Northern Transmissions premieres Ceschi's Sad, Fat Luck album!

"Sad, Fat Luck" title track premieres on Treble Zine

Sad, Fat Luck by Ceschi

Hip Hop DX premieres Spoken Nerd and Blueprint collaboration!

I Need a Friend Like You by Spoken Nerd

Televangel makes Bandcamp's Best Beat Tapes of 2018

Anthropocene Blues by Televangel

E-Turn and KRS-One "Nowadays" Hip Hop DX premiere

Young World by E-Turn

Hip Hop DX premieres Mestizo and The Heavy Twelves' Big Bad Death EP!

Big Bad Death by Mestizo and The Heavy Twelves

Moodie Black's "noise-rap witchcraft" profiled by Bandcamp Daily!

Out interviews Moodie Black's Kdeath about Lucas Acid

Lucas Acid by Moodie Black

Indie Current premieres Squalloscope's "Clutter"

Exoskeletons for Children by Squalloscope

Treble Zine premieres Cars & Trains' Rise and Fall

Fictions by Cars & Trains
7 Vessels by Kay The Aquanaut
The Odds Of Free Will by Sixo
Fantasmas by Zavala

Moodie Black VANOWEN, from new album Lucas Acid

Alligator Food by Sixo & Heir Max out now

YES YES Hobbyhorse Freecember
Circadion Freecember