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Blue Sky Black Death 'NOIR' Preview Series

NEWS » 02/28/2011 Blue Sky Black Death will be releasing NOIR, an all instrumental album, in April on Fake Four, Inc. In the meantime, the duo has begun to release video previews for the album. They've released three thus far and will continue every week until the album's release! Enjoy!

Fake Four Fest TONIGHT!

NEWS » 02/24/2011 night in LA, the official release party for Awol One & Factor's The Landmark, Fake Four Fest presented by Hipsters Who Heart Hip Hop and Fake Four, Inc at The Echoplex!

Astronautalis Daytrotter Session

NEWS » 02/22/2011 Astronautalis recorded a Daytrotter Session today. You should listen.Oh, and he'll be performing at Fake Four Fest in 2 days, so you should be there for that too.

Set Times Announced for Fake Four Fest!

NEWS » 02/20/2011 Set times have just been announced for Thursday's Awol One & Factor The Landmark release party AKA Fake Four Fest! The whole event starts at 6PM sharp, so make sure to be there!

The Landmark Tour w/ Awol One & Factor, Ceschi and cars & trains starts today!

NEWS » 02/17/2011 To celebrate the recent release of Awol One and Factor's The Landmark they're hitting the road down the west coast with Ceschi and cars & trains! Don't miss these shows!

Awol One & Factor 'The Landmark' Out Today!

NEWS » 02/15/2011 Awol One & Factor The Landmark is out today! You can buy it via iTunes or your favorite record shop. Or buy it from us, we're the only place you'll find it with a shirt and a poster for cheap.

Video Premiere: Awol One & Factor 'Perfect Opposites'

NEWS » 02/14/2011 Official music video for "Perfect Opposites" from Awol One & Factor's The Landmark out tomorrow! Video by JD Frump.Click here to order The Landmark from us! Just Launched!

NEWS » 02/10/2011 On the inaugural day of their month long tour with Busdriver, Dark Time Sunshine launch their sleek new website,! Listen to tracks, check their tour dates and sign up for their newsletter!Click here to go to Dark Time Sunshine's new website!

Noah23 Leaks Megatrack For His Birthday

NEWS » 02/10/2011 For his birthday, Noah23 just leaked an ultra fast chopping track from his upcoming album, Fry Cook On Venus out March 29th! It's called "Sea of the Infinite Wave" and features Myka 9 and Ceschi, beat provided by Skyrider! Enjoy!Happy Birthday Noah!

Onry Ozzborn 'Hold On For Dear Life' Out Now!

NEWS » 02/08/2011 Northwestern hip hop flagship Onry Ozzborn’s new official album Hold On For Dear Life is out now! Click here to buy it direct from us!


Paranoid Castle - Welcome To Success

STREET DATE » 08/25/2014 Backed by the lush, vivid beats of Canadian producer Factor, Bay Area emcee Kirby Dominant ponders the perils of self-actualization on their third LP together as Paranoid Castle. Are the trappings of success smoke screens for inner turmoil or are they success itself? Do the drugs and women provide joy or fleeting escape? How long can one keep clawing out at temporary pleasures in the wake of unresolved anguish?


STREET DATE » 07/01/2014 On Ultraviolet (Fake Four, Inc.), Sadistik closes his eyes tight and reaches out towards the peripheries of perception through introspection and psychedelic escapism, transcribing the vivid images crawling on the dark purple walls of his Seattle studio. The day after he finished recording 2013’s critically acclaimed Flowers For My Father, Sadistik (born Cody Foster) began writing the new record with a head full of acid, left field 60s & 70s cinema and palpable frustration with the world around him. Falling somewhere on the spectrum between the confessionals of Atmosphere and dark heart of Cage, and inspired by the delivery and ethos of the legendary Eyedea, Seattle-based emcee Sadistik has been a force on the indie scene for the better part of a decade, opening for artists such as Lupe Fiasco and collaborating with the likes of Sage Francis, Astronautalis and Ceschi. He began Ultraviolet as an exercise in creativity, pushing himself to never take a day off and make the best album of his career for the second year in a row.

Moodie Black - NAUSEA

STREET DATE » 04/22/2014 Long before Kanye West appropriated noise rap to create his new sound, independent artists such as Moodie Black were busy perfecting an art built of swelling distortion & uncomfortable energy. Although the group still cherishes the sound of static, now on their first full length album, NAUSEA, they've developed an extension of noise rap based on industrial yet melodic soundscapes and have embraced minimalism. This is more of a sonic journey than a kick in the face.