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    Jedadiah Hornbuckle (aka Onry Ozzborn) was hatched in the Land Of Enchantment March 25th 2003 to a family of archers. After mastering the craft of bow, arrow, & crossbow he then set his sites on mothers harp growing an endearing fondness of rap music. The rest is history (& or his story). Mr. Ozzborn makes music as himself, with GRAYSKUL (Rhymesayers Ent), OLDOMINION, & DARK TIME SUNSHINE. He has toured with the likes of Atmosphere, Alabama, Aesop Rock, Anne Murray, Abstract Rude, Adam Ant, Astronautilus, ABA, & many many more groups that start with "A". The sound of his music has reached & ranges anywhere from Organized Konfusion to Micky Gilly. If you're into an acquired taste that has been dipped in the GOLDEN AGE of Hip Hop only to be baked in the oven of electroid gloss, & simmered thus tamed within the likes of alternative, dark, pop, murmur, bluegrass then you will fully enjoy what Onry Ozzborn has to offer you at any given time.



    Cars & Trains - History of the Night

    STREET DATE » 03/05/2014 New instrumental single from cars & trains, featuring instrumental from Sole's "No Wishing Up, No Settling Down".

    Bike For Three! - So Much Forever

    STREET DATE » 02/11/2014 The mysterious duo Bike For Three!, made up of Buck 65 and Greetings from Tuskan, is back with their first new material in 5 years!

    louis logic - Look On The Blight Side

    STREET DATE » 11/12/2013 louis logic's first album in 7 years; written & produced entirely by louis himself!