Gregory Pepper & His Problems

Crystal Skull Mountain: A bleak and desolate place, cold and sharp as anything. Boasting a menacing grin, it was decided that this would be the setting for the new Gregory Pepper & His Problems album, coming August 21st on Fake Four Inc.

A native of Guelph, Ontario, the singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist was acclaimed for his 2009 release With Trumpets Flaring, hailed as “conceptually minded and very, very clever”1. Some even pointed out that “Pepper taps into the demented genius/ambition of Brian Wilson for his orchestral pop songs, which are head-scratchingly great"2 and that “this is an intelligently crafted pop album”3. But while Trumpets was experimental and admittedly lo-fi, Escape From Crystal Skull Mountain is more boisterous and confident, meticulously arranged and produced. Moreover, it features killer performances by Toronto-area musical dignitaries, hand picked from the ranks of Bry Webb and the Providers, Ohbijou, Cuff The Duke, Do Make Say Think, and The Niagara Symphony Orchestra.

After spending the last couple years focusing on the hip-pop side project Common Grackle and countless collaborations with producers and emcees (Awol One, Kirby Dominant, Noah 23), Pepper has returned to short, succinct tunes devoid of samples, loops, and synthesizers. This new record is another step forward in His ongoing pursuit of classic pop filtered through a modern lens, deliberately more focused in its aesthetic than past releases. Elements of power pop, jazz, chamber music and garage rock are fused by infectious melodies and ornate vocal harmonies. Add that to ample brass and string arrangements atop an aggressive rhythm section with most of the 17 songs flowing seamlessly into one another, and you have an album that demands to be played on repeat.



Moodie Black - NAUSEA

STREET DATE » 04/22/2014 Long before Kanye West appropriated noise rap to create his new sound, independent artists such as Moodie Black were busy perfecting an art built of swelling distortion & uncomfortable energy. Although the group still cherishes the sound of static, now on their first full length album, NAUSEA, they've developed an extension of noise rap based on industrial yet melodic soundscapes and have embraced minimalism. This is more of a sonic journey than a kick in the face.

Cars & Trains - History of the Night

STREET DATE » 03/05/2014 New instrumental single from cars & trains, featuring instrumental from Sole's "No Wishing Up, No Settling Down".

Bike For Three! - So Much Forever

STREET DATE » 02/11/2014 The mysterious duo Bike For Three!, made up of Buck 65 and Greetings from Tuskan, is back with their first new material in 5 years!