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Resting his head on the same cloud encompassing super-producers such as Factor, Zavala and Blue Sky Black Death, Max Heath is the latest Fake Four beatsmith to step forth with an instantly recognizable maximalist palette via Child Actor. The Connecticut-based Heath, who plays alongside indie rap icon Ceschi in Anonymous Inc., has expanded his range into a full-fledged cinematic opus that stands on its own yet leaves room for a siren.
With Child Actor, Heath teams up with Bostonian cousin Sedgie Ogilvy to concoct R & B for the digital age, with hip hop and psych elements clawing at the walls of a restless alt-pop soundscape. The sultry vocals of Ogilvy often sound as if slowly risen from the bottom of a well and out into speakers. Her vulnerable, home-recorded demos constitute the foundation for Heath’s often mountainous production consisting of heaps of synths, expertly-chopped samples, and his own complementary backing vocals. Victory, the duo’s debut long player, comes on the heels of two well-received EPs (Partner and Window) released earlier in the year. Songs like “Reasons” and “If You Loved Me” get under the skin quickly with Ogilvy’s alternately plaintive and assured voice engulfed in Heath’s fluid, ethereal patterns.
Max Heath is also an experimental composer with a solo project, Circadion, set to drop in the not-too-distant future. He directs all of Child Actor’s videos, including the visually stunning 3D clip for “Get Up,” as well as videos for artists such as Dark Time Sunshine.
Like a distant relative to Portishead, Child Actor’s Victory is a smooth, atmospheric ride through fog-curled streets toward your lover’s apartment. Heath and Ogilvy wash over a stale genre by reinventing the wheel with lush orchestration, magnetic drums and gorgeous, emotive vocals. 



Paranoid Castle - Welcome To Success

STREET DATE » 08/25/2014 Backed by the lush, vivid beats of Canadian producer Factor, Bay Area emcee Kirby Dominant ponders the perils of self-actualization on their third LP together as Paranoid Castle. Are the trappings of success smoke screens for inner turmoil or are they success itself? Do the drugs and women provide joy or fleeting escape? How long can one keep clawing out at temporary pleasures in the wake of unresolved anguish?


STREET DATE » 07/01/2014 On Ultraviolet (Fake Four, Inc.), Sadistik closes his eyes tight and reaches out towards the peripheries of perception through introspection and psychedelic escapism, transcribing the vivid images crawling on the dark purple walls of his Seattle studio. The day after he finished recording 2013’s critically acclaimed Flowers For My Father, Sadistik (born Cody Foster) began writing the new record with a head full of acid, left field 60s & 70s cinema and palpable frustration with the world around him. Falling somewhere on the spectrum between the confessionals of Atmosphere and dark heart of Cage, and inspired by the delivery and ethos of the legendary Eyedea, Seattle-based emcee Sadistik has been a force on the indie scene for the better part of a decade, opening for artists such as Lupe Fiasco and collaborating with the likes of Sage Francis, Astronautalis and Ceschi. He began Ultraviolet as an exercise in creativity, pushing himself to never take a day off and make the best album of his career for the second year in a row.

Moodie Black - NAUSEA

STREET DATE » 04/22/2014 Long before Kanye West appropriated noise rap to create his new sound, independent artists such as Moodie Black were busy perfecting an art built of swelling distortion & uncomfortable energy. Although the group still cherishes the sound of static, now on their first full length album, NAUSEA, they've developed an extension of noise rap based on industrial yet melodic soundscapes and have embraced minimalism. This is more of a sonic journey than a kick in the face.